Write on the web bubble?

Web writing tools are coming in thick and fast – it all started with Writely, and was soon followed by the JotLive, Zoho Writer, and more recently Writeboard. Ross Mayfield today is pointing to Synchroedit, a collaborative tool for editing over the web. There is a lot of talk about webified Google Office suite, and well what not. All these tools, while good, basically seek a behavioral change on part of the consumer. The assume the early adopter desire to type in the browser translates into a mass market. I agree with Michael Bazley when he wonders, “whether there was a big enough marketplace for the new breed of quick and easy, wiki-ish document-sharing apps.” I write for a living, and have never gotten comfortable with the idea of typing in a browser, which still is a work in progress. I use tools like DevonPro, Mac Journal, Note Taker and xPad, and on occasion Microsoft Word. When blogging I use Ecto or MarsEdit, even thought I could use the type-in-broswer features of Word Press. They all give me one thing: a sense of security that the document won’t vanish into the big ether. The web apps so far cannot offer that assurance. Also a really big web app list.