And 5 More Things About Web 2.0 conference

I am tired-to-the-bone and will try and sum up day two in a few lines.

1. Interestingness, engagement, tagging, collective intelligence, social apps… proof that we don’t need Henry Blodgett’s help to come up ephemeral metrics. We are doing quite well on our own, thank you very much.
2. Mark Cuban is not mobbed at the conferences.
3. Most attendees see broadband as a connection, not as a platform.
4. Revenue Models… what is that? Maybe we need Meeker’s hocus pocus.
5. Did you know that Bob Metcalfe, the inventor of Ethernet, has not used Yahoo like ever? He went from Alta Vista to Google and stayed there.

Fred Wilson Says.
: “…. In their places we are seeing second derivatives. I heard one business described as Google Maps meets delicious, and another described as Skype meets MySpace. When the first derivative hasn’t fully figured its long term business model (other than getting bought), the second derivates are pretty scary.”