Sprint, Vonage Lawsuit – Much Ado About Nothing

Sprint’s decision to sue Vonage and a couple of other VoIP providers had left many scratching their heads. Business Week’s Olga Kharif writes, ” have to say that this is the tiniest, and the least detailed lawsuit I’ve ever seen.” Martin mocks Sprint’s decision and writes, “somebody in the legal department must have had one double espresso too many and got over-excited. I can’t see how this lawsuit is worth the PR mess.” Take his words seriously – he worked at Sprint and did some work for them. Jon Arnold in the Business Week story makes a case that this is a prelude to Sprint buying Vonage. Mark Evans is buying into Arnold’s theory when he writes, “I’m thinking Vonage CEO Jeff Citron is so anxious to create a liquidity event he’s probably willing to dance with Sprint legally if it leads to an acquisition.” Yup, its 1999.