Google just dropped a feed reader

Bloglines you got competition. First impressions : it has a nice interface, with all the Ajax goodness we expect from Google. It has the same look and feel as Gmail. It has labels which can help with creating groups and all. I think just like MyYahoo, this could be a big step forward for RSS and its mass adoption. I am surprised that Google did not do this sooner, for this is low-hanging fruit for them. My biggest worry with this: my vanishing html page-views. I get a feeling if Google could make it faster, leaner and meaner, well I would have no problems switching away from Bloglines.

I tried to upload the OPML export file from NetNewsWire, and failed the first time. Perhaps, because my OPML was “grouped.” Not sure if that is the case, but then tried it using flat OPML, and the import went smoothly, even if painfully slow. So when you open the reader, you find, that only the most recent updated items show up, and you click on them and read them in the white space, as you would be reading an email. Adding new feeds is pretty easy, and simple.

They have a nifty little “search for content” button, and you type in say “web 2.0” and you get a lot of sources writing about that subject and not in your feed-roll. This is the kind of stuff, our friends at Technorati should have done, but have not. More thoughts later…. (Hey Google gang – how about taking this design principle and applying it to Google News and GMail.)