MTVu Uber Usability Update

This is what I call executive attention to details. Jason Hirschhorn, MTV’s SVP-digital music and media, noticed my comment about not being able to load MTVN’s new broadband channel MTVu Uber and wrote to offer technical assistance. It hit me that the problem might lie in the browser. Sure enough, it easily fired up using IE instead of Firefox. The difference between the new channel and the others I’d used: no message warning me that it wouldn’t work in my browser of choice. I’m told a warning message is in the works; even better, Firefox capability could be in the offing — as it should be, given that browser’s appeal to savvy (and often young) users. From Jason: “We are committed to finding solutions for the platforms our users use as long as it still delivers great usability and content protection.”
Aye, there’s the rub. I’ve been told by a number of major sites that certain solutions only worked in IE; there’s also a subset where the emphasis is on IE because the bulk of the site’s users are IE, the definition of a self-fulfilling prophecy. My theory now: if can do it, others can follow suit.