Apple Special Event Coverage

Reports are coming in from those attending todays Apple Special Event that Apple has prohibited any live updating by those in the audience. This is a turning point for Apple, in that reporters have always been permitted to file live briefs before today. Watch this space for updates as they come in.

UPDATE: iLounge and Engadget were able to snap pics of the promotional posters for the new iPod. The posters depict the traditional silhouette figures holding an iPod with a larger screen. Get them here.

UPDATE II: Photos have surfaced that purport to be the actual iPod.

UPDATE III: seems to have some how gotten the satellite feed of the event, and are reporting a new, thinner iMac with a built in iSight.

UPDATE IV: Reports are coming in of some sort of streaming media program or remote access utility, presumably designed to be used as a home media center. It will be called FrontRow, and will ship on the new iMacs

Updates are posted in reverse chronological order.
– Further updates will be posted later in the day, as this reporter has a prior engagement from which he can not cover the story.
– Videos will be protected using FairPlay.
– It seems that Pixar productions will be available, also for US$1.99, can be played on up to 5 computers and unlimited iPods, but can not be burned.
– New “Gifts” function, where users can send others songs, videos, and playlists.
– iTunes video store. Over 2,000 music videos, for US$1.99 each.
– iTunes 6
– 30GB will be US$299 and 60GB US$399, 30% thinner than past versions. All models also now come in black. They will begin shipping next week.
– 16:9, 2.5 inch, 320×240, supports mp4 and H.264
– New iPod, larger screen, video capability, but “focus is still on the music”
– Pricing will be similar or identical to that of past models
– The new iMac will begin shipping today.