Three new Fujitsu Tablets for Japan

Akihabara News is reporting the release of three new Tablet PCs for the Japanese market that I hope come to the US.  The FMV-8210 is basically the P1510D (8.9” screen) sold in the US that runs the Tablet OS.  It is not clear from the Fujitsu web site (I don’t read Japanese) but it looks to me as if it has an active digitizer which is different than the P1510D.  The FMV-T8210 convertible looks just like the smaller one above but with a 12.1” screen.  And last but certainly not least is the sweetheart– the FMV-TB12 is a 12.1” slate with a 10 hour battery life!  Several pics on Akihabara.

(via jkOTR reader Aaron Gonzales)