FrontRow, One More Time

I admit I have overdosed on the whole Front Row thing, but then I am often accused of pooh-poohing everything, so perhaps when I like something, well I like it. My previous two posts, I Want My Front Row-TV and Microsoft Media Center Vs Apple Front Row have generated some talk. Charlie Owen, who is part of the media center team posed a few questions as he counter-punched.

He wonders why I would pay for Front Row and not for MCE Lite. Good point! I think if priced right, I will pay for Microsoft Windows Media Center Lite the same amount of money. However, Microsoft is the one which wants to make a big splash in this space, so perhaps its good if they gave it away. Why wait till Vista when they can own the market now. Use MCE to be the razor and add-ons as “blades.”

Owen questions the problems I have had with the PVR part of the Media Center. I propose he comes over to Club Om, set it up, and I will offer him the best single malt and home cooked curry. Thomas Hawk, my favorite pro-am photographer, has a fantastic extension to my arguments.

The promise of owning the living room though is huge actually. The real payoff for Media Center comes five if not ten years down the road when that position of strength can be monetized in a whole host of ways. The important thing is to get the install base now today and to own it. Sometimes free software makes sense.

Precisely what I was thinking, if not saying. I am also amazed that how quickly the Mac-hack community has been able to find Front Row and make it work on standalone Macs. This is my weekend project. My good buddy Jonathan Greene got it running on his Mac Mini, so now when I visit NYC, we will have something else to talk about those damn Yankees.