Meet SoonR

soonr SoonR is one of the companies I wrote about today in The Wireless Report on the Business 2.0 website. SoonR Desktop Agent is a tiny piece of software, aka one of the Google Sidebars that lets you Google your desktop from a mobile phone. You can view or share any of the results that you discover right from your phone.

With nearly 100 million potential customers on the horizon, startups like SoonR, a firm based in Menlo Park, Calif., are developing software applications for smartphone users. SoonR’s technology allows users to access their Windows PCs and run Google’s desktop search tool wirelessly. They can read documents, reply to Microsoft Outlook e-mail, look at photographs, and even share them with others. All that’s required is a phone with a built-in browser. While SoonR’s software also works on the slower 2G and 2.5G networks, it only becomes truly useful over faster 3G connections.

soonrThe company was started by CEO Martin Frid-Nielsen and other Silicon Valley veterans, some of them who trace their roots back to Borland Software. That’s old school! SoonR fit the place shifting theme I have been writing about for months now including companies like Orb, Avenu and Sling Media which all could be potential competitors. But these guys are pretty focused on the mobile handsets, especially those with higher speed connections. It would be cool to see this technology extended to other PC platforms like OS-X and Linux. I am sure in time that will come. It better!

The company currently offers a basic plan for free (limited to 20 SMS messages), and will offer a premium version of their service once they go out of beta. The premium service will include features like caching of predetermined folders/or files you are working on in the cloud. Just in case your connection crashes, or your home machine goes kaput. (How it works!)