Industry Moves: Andrew Heyward Out As President, CBS News; Sean McManus To Oversee News And Sports

Sean McManus, president of CBS Sports since 1996, adds president of CBS News to his portfolio Nov. 7 following the long-rumored departure of Andrew Heyward. Given the current digital push at CBS, it’s worth noting that CBS Sports was ahead of CBS News online. McManus was one of the architects of a major 1999 NCAA deal that included internet and digital rights through 2014. He led CBS in the SportsLine USA joint venture that became CBS Sportsline and was key when it came to negotiating exclusive rights for and However freaked people in the news division might be because he comes out of sports, his appointment shouldn’t change the CBS News digital agenda and his involvement on the sports side probably makes him the best possible successor when it comes to maintaining that momentum.
Heyward deserves credit for starting the broadband ball rolling at CBS when he hired Larry Kramer now head of CBS Digital; that gig turned into CBS Digital. Press release.

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