Attack the bloggers

Are we at the cusp of a new media trend called attack the bloggers? First it was Advertising Age and now its Forbes. I am disappointed to say the least by Forbes’ over-the-top cover-story that paints bloggers as a lynch mob. The fact that it is the #1 story being discussed today, and has some of the most powerful people like Paul Kedrosky worked up, I fear it might give Forbes a chance to say, “I told you so!”

As someone who worked at Forbes in the past, I am going to be restrained for old times sake. This antiquated point of view is in sharp contrast to my days at the company, when it was the first main stream business magazine to recognize the importance of open source, so much to put it on the cover. Or that it was one of the first old media companies to embrace the web and launch, a site that quickly became a bastion of online journalistic excellence. Well that was in the past. The story makes some good points about the accuracy of blog posts, but they were lost in the fear-and-loathing approach taken by the magazine. I just found that the whole story was over-simplifed and had a one-sided take.