Marry Google Maps & Google Talk

Venkatesh is helping out over at the Broadband Wiki by mapping the data we are collecting to Google Maps. On his blog, he proposes a marriage of Google Maps with Google Talk.

Consider hypothetical situation, whereby google release API similar to Google Maps, where by users can give a “call me” button my adding a piece of JavaScript/html code to any HTML capable screen. For example, is a mash up of Google Maps and Craiglist, both of which are free applications. Just consider if users were able to call prospective sellers by the click of a button for free, that would add a lot of value add to existing offering !!

Imagine Craigslist data, with Google Maps, and Google Talk client that is PSTN-aware. That would be equivalent of eBay-Skype mash-up. It can’t be that difficult? Adding a script that fires up the Google Talk client, and having some voice gateways available to complete PSTN-destined calls. Any thoughts? Aswath? Richard? Jeff?