Live IM with VoIP Goodness

Incase you were wondering if I was too harsh on Microsoft’s nip-and-tuck, I have to say that there were two things that totally impressed me. The Microsoft Live Messenger which integrates IM with address book, email, and VoIP calling is the perfect, and perhaps the only next generation IM client out there.

The click to call (via Teleo, I am guessing) married to the maps was brilliant. I mean wow! We were only discussing this yesterday on how to marry Google Maps, and Google Talk. Microsoft KOs competition. Think of it as MSN messenger that got smarter, and then found a simpler-easier Friendster, a Plaxo, Intellisync client and well, a bag of chips. My hats off to the team that built Live IM client. It blows that it is not on a Mac.

Photo by niallkennedy.