Microsoft: I speak Web 2.0

If you lived in Manhattan, then you are all too familiar with the comical sight of a 40-year-old man squiring a 20 something “IT” girl.

The latest in footwear from Italy, a shiny new car (possibly paid for by an advance on the 401K plan) and of course the de rigueur jeans by Sewn or Chip & Pepper, Rolex and a Burberry. A little nip-and-tuck, some hip-hop and a $500 haircut with highlights to hide the 40-odd summers. Its a midlife crisis you can see from a mile. Trust me!

…. Oh oh sorry for digressing into these post modern anthropological musings, when all I should be doing is talking about Microsoft and its Live event. Confusing one for the other? A big mash-up in my brain? Perhaps! Nevertheless, did you notice how fit Bill Gates is looking these days? Fighting Trim, is the word that comes to mind.

Still, as I sat in the dark Ballroom at the Palace Hotel, Microsoft Windows Live/Office Live event reminded me of a piece I wrote about vanity portals a long time ago – seven years to be exact – when I worked at Lots of folks are writing about this event, but let me just make a quick list for the new improved Microsoft. Or dare I say, Microsoft 2.0. (Come on, people play along….)

1. Given that the company releases beta as products, and gets it right on version 3.0, by calling them beta prevents any PR problems.
2. Ad Supported, is the new Golddigger of Silicon Valley, and Redmond.
3. Live Software, Microsoft for Software as a service. (Don’t tell that to Windows/Office groups who are stuffing the company coffers.)
4. Interfaces, Microsoft for API
5. Ease of Use and Simplicity are part of the new Microsoft lingo. Somewhere Steve Jobs is doubling up in peals of laughter.

To sum it up, in the words of great copywriters behind Fosters, Live, Microsoft for Web 2.0!

PS: A more serious analysis later. I saw a couple of things which totally rocked my world. I will be writing about those, just to make sure, that I am indeed fair and balanced. Photo by niallkennedy.