The Economics & The Attention Crisis

Fred has picked up the thread for the looming attention crisis, something I have written in the past, extensively. Fred talks about the number of RSS feeds and how they slowly start to become feed-creep.

At this point, I have over 100 feeds subscribed to in various readers. And I have frankly stopped paying attention to most of them.

cuckooLike Fred, I have been overwhelmed, and have started trimming the feed list. The Ten Must, the 40 next is my motto these days. I agree with Fred when he writes, “I feel in my gut that we are facing a “poverty of attention” and something is going to give.”

Lets juxtapose this with the so-called business model of this blog. Most of the advertisers (including Google AdSense) are based on the 20th century model of CPM, which basically means creating more and more pageviews. In reality, any blogger worth his opinion should be striving for attention. Attention, that is becoming harder to get and retain. I have been chanting the Less is More mantra in recent times, trying to restrict the # of posts, and focus on saying something that gets your attention. So is there an alternate model? I don’t have the answer, but do you?