Microsoft buys Foldershare, will Mac client be roadkill?

Update: Michael Merhej just emailed me and confirmed that the Mac version will be re-released by end of the weekend. Okay we can all exhale, because our favorite app is going to remain cross platform.

Foldershare, a file syncronization p2p application which I have written in the past has been acquired by Microsoft for an undiscolosed amount of money it seems. A reader had alerted me that Foldershare had stopped the Mac downloads, and wondered if the company had been acquired. I heard back from Michael and he promised that the download would be back online by end of the weekend. After today’s news, I wonder if he will keep the promise 🙂

If the download doesn’t return, then it will prove Russell Beattie’s contention that Live is nothing but Monopoly 4.0. More than all the song-and-dance about Microsoft’s new found Web 2.0 religion, I want to see if they really practice what they preach. This will be the first test as far as I am concerned. That Shrek thing, lets put that on hold for now.