Yahoo, TiVo and Telecoms

The chatter this morning has been dominated by Yahoo’s deal with TiVo, a news that was first reported by PVRBlog. (Nice work Matt!) I am amazed that the news of Yahoo working with an increasingly marginal player DVR space would get so much attention.

Users of Yahoo’s TV page will be able to click on a record-to-TiVo button directly from a television program listing to remotely schedule recordings. (USA Today)

PVR Blog points out that AOL… for godsake AOL did this same exact thing two years ago. Or for instance, the new much heralded service is not going to work on a majority of TiVo boxes out there, the ones that have been sold by DirecTV. Call me old fashioned, but could Yahoo explain how it is going to make money off this?

But what left me completely confused is that how will Yahoo reconcile this deal with the current agreements it has with telecom operators like SBC. TiVo, as we know is working closely with the cable operators, the #2 enemy of the phone companies. (#1 is Skype!) Then there is phone companies’ desire to work with Microsoft’s IPTV software platform, both on the client and server side. This could get really sticky!

PS: I could not find the press release of this particular announcement in Yahoo’s official press release page. Since they are playing the game of tit-for-tat with Google, it would be a good start to put the press releases out there…. you know like Google! Similarly no word on the “wireless news” this morning. Isn’t it ironic that despite all the Web 2.0 talk, some are using regressive thinking, and dropping a day ahead exclusives to select outlets. I wonder if that really speaks to the inherent dichotomy of being Yahoo!