Spotting Opportunity Inside the Attention Crisis

This afternoon I had a chance to grab sushi with Paul Kedrosky, the man who pens the most wonderful and iconic blog, Infectious Greed. Like always, we ended up discussing the attention crisis, and how we deal with it. He uses keyword searches and I simply delete the feeds that fail to enthrall. But we both use methods that are a band-aid for the rapidly expanding attention crisis. If it is indeed such a problem, as many in the blogosphere have made it out to be, then it does spell an opportunity.

Looking around, there are quite a few nascent attempts that have been started by enterprising types. Memeorandum, Blogniscient, and Findory come to mind. Mike Masnick has developed a brilliant new service as part of his fast growing Techdirt empire. Kevin Burton has started a community-funded Tail Rank that addresses some of these issues as well. Mind you, these are early attempts, not entirely complete but not that far off target.