The Bill & Ozzie Show

So Bill Gates and Ray Ozzie dropped two memos to the Microserfs, and then somehow they got leaked to the media and more importantly to Dave Winer. The news by now is pretty old, but still good opportunity for intended pubs. Its like deja vu all over again! Will history repeat itself! The way I see them – tactical admission that Microsoft is not a technology leader, despite its delusions of grandeur. Must I bring up the Macy’s analogy? Many are trying to hark back to now famous 1995 Internet memo that eventually drove Netscape out of business, led to a full scale anti-trust case and world domination. But its not 1995, but instead 2005.

Anyway, after reading the memos, here is what I realize: its Bill and Ozzie going for what is clearly USWeb2.0. The regressive thinking that puts PC at the center of technology is in full display. No mention of the fact that most of the “computers” in the world are mobile phones, and rest of the planet doesn’t look at the world through a LCD screen. More on this here and here.

Or the fact that a broadband enabled world needs to be looked at differently, and needs a different class of applications. How come the big giant up north doesn’t see that it holds the future in its hands in the shape of XBox 360, the most anti-Microsoft product and the perfect platform for a high speed world. Hey, that’s just me… blinded by broadband.

( Funny, how Yahoo and Google are moving the Web 2.0 stakes to mobile and other devices.) Microsoft is looking at the past, and trying to predict the future, and still not meshing their disparate efforts – Media Center, IPTV and Mobiles.