Regulators Praise CTIA Content Classification System

The Federal Communications Commission has “praised CTIA’s initiative to classify mobile content into Restricted Carrier Content-available to those above 18 years old-and Generally Acceptable Carrier Content”.
“This industry effort should really help families who rely on their cell phones, but do not want their children inadvertently exposed to adult material,” said Jonathan Adelstein, commissioner at the FCC.
I think the key word here is “inadvertently” … it won’t stop someone determined to access the content, but it might stop casual searches…
Wireless Week has run the story as the mobile industry getting a little breathing space before government regulations are imposed:
“There is a real dance done between government, parent and consumer groups and the industry” when it comes to implementing controls on content via new technology, says Rebecca Arbogast, telecommunications analyst at Legg Mason and former bureau chief of the telecommunications division of the FCC’s international bureau. Arbogast was at the FCC when it and other government organizations and family groups pushed for filters for Internet service providers. She says CTIA’s guidelines are a similar attempt by industry not only to forestall government regulation, but also to appeal to customers.”
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