Now Selling Cheap Podcast Hosting

With all the chatter about podcasting this morning, fine folks at Netcraft are providing some hard data on how hosting companies are dealing with videologs and podcasts. And it is all good news for podcasters and video bloggers. Why? because storage and bandwidth prices are still in a swoon, so much so that you can get five gigabytes of disk space and over 250-300 gigs of data transfer for less than $5 a month. Cheap is the main reason why everyone is trying to get into the podcast hosting business, including Yahoo. Rich Miller points to this offer in his post.

Netfirms is the latest web hosting provider to unveil new hosting plans, which offer 6 gigs of disk space and 300 gigabytes of data transfer for just $4.95, with a monthly 1.5 terabyte bandwidth allowance available for $14.95….If Go Daddy, 1&1 and Netfirms . have an opportunity in podcasts and vlogs, it’s because pricing plans at specialty podcasting services have left the door open for them.

For instance, Audible’s offer works out to about $9.95 for 4 gigs of downloads, which actually seems to be very generous compared to others like Blog Matrix. And the best offer on the planet – Our Media…. its free to them, and free to you 😉 (Thanks for pointing out the error David!)