US has 40 Million Broadband Connections

Leichtman Research Group says that there are 40.2 million broadband connections in the US, and nearly 94% of those connections are being sold by the twenty largest cable and DSL providers. The total net adds for the 3Q 2005 were 2.6 million, with over half of that total going to DSL. Cable Companies have 23.2 million while DSL providers have 17.0 million subscribers. The momentum, apparently is shifting to DSL.

In the past year, DSL providers added 520,000 more subscribers than cable, but the top cable broadband providers maintain a 6.2 million subscriber advantage over DSL and have a 58% share of the US residential broadband market . Net DSL adds in the quarter were 379,000 more than 3Q 2004, while cable net adds skidded 80,000 from the same quarter last year.

Bruce Leichtman, president notes, “Aggressive offers from DSL providers continue to expand the market, even as cable operators are able to add subscribers in similar numbers to a year ago, while maintaining average broadband revenue per subscriber of over $40 per month.” It would be great to study the revenues of these two groups. And a comparison of the speed would clearly put things in perspective.