Google Analytics Is Now Full

Google redressed Urchin web analytics software and released it as Google Analytics. It seems to be quite a hit, that the company had to close the applications for the service. I tried signing up for it this morning and found that I was too late to the party. I wonder why does Google release products out in the wild and not be prepared for the worst case scenario. (Like the service could actually become a hit?)

Of course there is the more darker explanation – Urchin even when used for a single website was such a beast and siphoned off so many resources, that most of the users (like myself) simply relegated it to once a day update in the early hours of the morning. Is Google suddenly finding out that Urchin doesn’t scale when being used by thousands of users. Frankly, I think Adaptive Path’s Measure Map is a far superior analytical tool, even in its current alpha form. Despite its niggly bits, Measure Map is a tool designed from the ground-up for bloggers and allows them a chance to look at comments, incoming links, users and page views etc in a way that it is actually “human” understandable.

Others like MINT, on which I spent $30 was such a piece of sh*t disappointment, because it just did not work. Support… what is that. Buyer Beware on that one. Anyway… enough of early morning, pre-coffee rantings! (Check out Mark Boulton’s comparison of the three services, and he likes Mint.)

Update: Having slept over it, decided that sh*t was too strong a word.