Your Mac: Literacy Tool?

Tiger Dictionary Service A couple of months ago, a coworker of mine showed me Tiger’s really cool “mouse over” dictionary. Hold command control and hit d. Then mouse over just about any word in any Cocoa app, and a definition of the word pops-up below it. I can’t seem to snag a screenshot of it. It keeps disappearing! Update: 11/25: Screenshot courtesy of Andy Smith

Dictionary Dashboard Widget

This feature is simply another view into Tiger’s “Dictionary Service”, also accessible from /Applications/, and corresponding Dashboard Widget.

For years, many Cocoa applications have also surfaced Mac OS X’s built-in spellchecker, such as iChat, Colloquy, Mail, Safari, Keynote, Pages, Adium to name a microscopic few. It constantly bails me out of spelling errors.

Can’t quite get the family to switch to Mac? This very simple, yet effective pervasive educational value just might help tip the balance over.