Cingular to change name to AT&T

Sometimes, I just wonder what they were thinking. A few months ago, Cingular embarked on a massive branding campaign, in an attempt to eradicate the AT&T Wireless brand name from the market place. Now a report USA Today quotes SBC CEO/Chairman Ed Whitacre saying that Cingular will drop the brand in favor of AT&T.

In an interview with USA TODAY on Friday, Whitacre left no doubt about his plans. Asked if the company planned to drop the Cingular name in favor of the AT&T brand, Whitacre said, ‘Yes, we do.’

Also, it has to be a procedural nightmare for the company which has still not been able to bring AT&T Wireless completely into the fold. It is hard to fault King Ed for thinking along those lines, as T still has a better brand name.

And since SBC is now officially called AT&T, it would make sense for SBC folks to give the impression that they are in charge. I wonder what BellSouth, which owns 40% of the wireless giant thinks of all this. Is it an indication that SBC/T will make a push and gobble up BellSouth?