Om & Niall Pod Sessions Vol #4

It has been a hectic day, but before I called it a night, I just wanted to bring you upto speed on the latest on the OM & Niall PodSessions. We have a new website, which is live now, with the show notes from our fourth show.

I hope you get a chance to check out Also I have to impose on you and urge you to update the RSS feed subscription. You can do that by clicking here. I believe because of the new website address, and the new feed, you will have to update the iTunes and other podcast related subscriptions as well. However, you can easily do that from the feed-itself.

Summary: We don’t like the new Cingular rebranding as AT&T but Niall likes the new logo. I thinks MVNOs are expensive and a bit of a fad. While we both like the latest gadgets and ample wireless bandwidth, I am loyal to my GSM SIM card. Niall seems to love the phones that get more widespread adoption.