Introducing The Daily Journal … Feeva, Skype, Google and More

One of the great joys of an extended break between work days is that you get to do a lot of thinking. And a lot of sleeping, which somehow always gives me annoying neck cramps. (That explains the slow posting.) The upside is that it prompted me to think of a new category for the blog, (an occassional) daily journal/blotter. (Of course it is a perfect excuse to try out the new DevonThink Pro software, which fine folks from Devon Technologies have sent me for review.)

I am hoping to use this format to respond to reader queries, link back to smart comments and generally include things/events that don’t merit a long post, but deserve better treatment than an aside. If it gets enough readers, perhaps, then I could make it a regular feature. Your feedback is vital, so post/send in your comments/suggestions.

The beauty of blogs is that you constantly evolve them, just like my buddy Mark Evans, who has renamed his blog, Northern Telecom & Tech. I think he is playing to his strengths – no one knows Canadian tech like Evans. Hey Mark, I am still waiting for my Googlvitation!

Mark commenting on my Skype piece commenting on Andy’s reporting, has Jeff Pulver in a tizzy, and he is yelling from his Long Island rooftop – “Enough with the Skype Gossip.” Jeff, want us to gossip about his latest project, Vivox which has received $6 million in funding from Cannan Partners and Grand Banks Capital, and is based on the Free World Dial-Up platform. Business 2.0 blog says “an online dating site can use Vivox to offer instant messaging, VoIP phone calls , and even video chat to its members. Moreover, Vivox can make the calls anonymous.” Okay, Jeff you got it, but now you have to make this the greatest thing since Skype, or no gossip-for-you.

Jeff is idea-a-minute guy, and continues to start-companies and come up with ideas that “inspire” other people. Ditto for Michael Robertson, who is arguing that thanks to Rootkit Gate, DRM has finally become a “four letter word” for consumers.

Talking about four letter words, did you know that Verizon is contemplating FIOS Lite, a 1 megabit per second fiber to the home service according to Broadband Reports. I wonder what Wall Street investors who are seeing their dividends flow into the ground think about this. And while this goes on, chip mavericks, Ikanos has started selling a 100 megabits/second symmetrical chipset to NEC for the Japanese marketplace. (pdf release)

And now for my obligatory obtuse Google reference. One time partner of Google, Feeva is about to hire a new chief executive. Ex-Proxim CEO Kevin Duffy will take over from Nitin Shah, who will become the chairman. I have been able to confirm the news first reported by Unstrung.

Also, perhaps time for a self-congratulatory moment. Joe “The Stalwart” Weisenthal, picked up on the Fifth Wave theme from my Business 2.0 story, and connected the dots.

It is a bottom up swing, as we highlighted in our last story, The Fifth Wave. Broadband, Wireless, Consumer Electronics, and other such trends are the forces of change. People are looking at folks like Microsoft and Cisco, when they should be focused on Qualcomm, Apple and Verizon Wireless.

Clearly, Cisco’s recent buyout of Scientific Atlanta, and Intel-Micron memory deal, and the X-Box 360 launch are proof that large lumbering behemoths are getting jiggy with the consumer. One can’t blame them – after all the consumer tech spending is only second to automobiles.

Talking about spending, here is an excellent blog I recommend for personal finance related matters, The Bean Counters’ Blog. And for music lovers, I recommend, Living With Music. Both have been introduced to me by 9Rules Network.