Google & The MSOs

Earlier this year, when announcing their bid for the San Francisco wireless network, Google executives indicated that they plan to work closely with the incumbents including cable operators and the phone companies. Given the antagonistic stance taken by some Bell executives, it is safer that Google might be looking to work closely with MSOs on its next generation efforts such as video and voice over the Internet. Proof of this direction might be found in this job posting. The company is currently seeking software engineers who have ability to work cable systems. Amongst the requirements include experience in DOCSIS and DVB.

The details of posting indicate that Google is looking to take its “television” effort into the incumbent networks, and also extend them to the “third screen,” i.e. the mobile handset. As companies like Nokia and Qualcomm roll out their mobile video-only networks, Google could easily become one (or more) channel on those devices. On a more speculative tip, it could also mean that Google is looking to take a page out of Yahoo’s incumbent-partnership strategy and become a partner for non-US telecoms. They have a partnership with T-Mobile/Deutsche Telekom. Have a look at the posting, and see what you think, and comeback and leave a comment.

Update: Cynthia adds, “Comcast took the extraordinary step of partnering with Google for a bid on a share of AOL. And Comcast CEO Brian Roberts said he wanted to turn his company into the “Google” of video. “