First 300,000 is easy

Having had a chance to sleep over the whole thing, a few thoughts….

300,000 is the number of users. When Flickr sold out, it had about 250,000 users. I think this reinforces that even in Web 2.0 Scale & Size Matters. Future growth was going to be expensive for both these companies, and they decided to sell out.

Secondly, that number makes you wonder if the whole Web 2.0 thing is still in a very-early adopter stage. Even the Yahoo’s own MyWeb effort is stuck in the low gear. I get a feeling that it will be a long time before the concepts filter into mainstream usage.

The price based on some of the methods we used in The Return of the Monetized Eyeballs story, works out to around $11.4 million. And this one is not even based on revenue.

Dave Taylor has an interview with yahooligans on their game plan with Justification: making search better. Yahoo has bet pretty aggressively on tags, and Google hasn’t. Why? Why Not?