FCC On NetNeutrality – Don’t Worry, Be Happy

A few days ago, I pointed out the double standards Federal Communications Commission has when it comes to dealing with with the phone companies and cable operators. More proof that the FCC is totally skewed in favor of the phone giants! Last week FCC made a lot of noises about how it needs to worry about the network neutrality before giving the final go ahead on the proposed purchase of Adelphia by Time Warner and Comcast. At a luncheon hosted by Comptel today (where everyone sang Happy Birthday Mr. Chairman) FCC head honcho, Kevin Martin said….

“I’m hesitant to adopt rules that would prevent anti-competitive behavior where there hasn’t been significant evidence of a problem. That doesn’t mean people don’t have a lot of concern about potential problems, but there’s a significant difference between potential problems and problems that occur.” [via Reuters]

To recap, when the commish is saying that, there is no need for FCC to adopt rules to protect consumers and giving them freedom of choosing their IP Services, after all, carriers haven’t done anything thus far. So why worry?

Because both BellSouth and SBC have been quite explicit in saying that they are going to give preferential treatment to their own services and will charge others. (I have no problems with the preferential part, after all they own the network!)