Performancing for Firefox, Awesome

Some ideas, they just need passion, not money to get going. I am typing this post in Performancing for Firefox, a cross platform blog text editor extension, that allows bloggers to type their blog posts within the browser.

It opens a special window inside the browser, allows you to quickly configure your blogging software, and within a few minutes gets you going. It is an elegant and efficient way of blogging, specially for those who don’t use Mac-version of Ecto (in my mind the best reason to switch to Mac.)

In fact, if I have to use a PC, then this will be my choice of blogging application. Performancing for Firefox is just the kind of simple, lightweight application I had imagined was possible when researching my story, Microsoft’s Worst Nightmare. In many ways, it is the same utility which is the center piece of blog-oriented browser made by Flock, a much hearlded start-up.