Will Gizmo Soon IM Gtalk?

Google wants to build a federation around its Gtalk IM client, though no one is sure what the company has planned. Hopefully we will find out more in 2006. Meanwhile, The Gizmo Project, ( a soft phone project started by Michael Robertson’s SIPphone,) team has made the instant messaging part of their soft-phone client working with Google’s GTalk. This information comes from some forum postings. Gizmo has two communication methods: voice that uses SIP protocol thus making it easy for the client to talk to any other open SIP implementations. The IM part relies on XMPP.

SIPphone CEO Jason Droege confirmed that IM is “working in test environments,” but is not available as a live service. That will come next year in first quarter some time.

According to one forum post,

I can say that there will be some changes that will make full interoperability between our services a reality in the future. What I cannot say definitively is whether that will be through libjingle or other means.

Google plans to use some sort of a SIP Gateway, and that should help better voice relations between Gtalk and Gizmo Project. Perhaps this SIP Gateway is part of the much awaited “federation?”