Did MySpace Censor YouTube?

Okay now that I have your attention, let me tell you about a little drama that played out while we were busy celebrating Christmas. Earlier this week, MySpace decided to cut off YouTube videos from their site. (YouTube folks wrote about it on their blog, but later erased it.) You could not even use the URL of YouTube, a Sequoia funded video sharing company, inside of MySpace webpages. MySpace is a social network owned by Rupert Murdoch’s News Corp. This led led to a whole lot of bitching and moaning from the MySpace community.

One very upset YouTube user wrote

I can not mention Youtube and I can not link to my videoclips on Youtube on Myspace.com. This is ironic and a very sad picture of the future of social networks and shows what kind of social networks todays teenagers are trapped and fenced into.

Nothing social about that. It reminded me of Robert Young’s on whose community is it anyway?

After all, a community, by definition generates its own content, its own style and culture… it’s all by the people, for the people. So as time goes by, the foundation of ownership and control for content and distribution is increasingly shifting from corporate entities to people and communities. A phenomenon that will cause countless sleepless nights for old media and old-line technology leaders who don’t fully comprehend the significance of the dynamics at hand.

In the end MySpace decided to roll back the ban, or so it seems if you read the YouTube blog

Well Tubers, thanks to all of your emails and blogging, we have been able to get in contact with Tom from MySpace. Turns out this was a simple misunderstanding, and MySpace has re-enabled all YouTube embeds. Everything should now be back in working order.

What exactly was that misunderstanding? I would love to know …. Given that its the long weekend, it won’t be up until Monday we can get some answers!