Dutch Don’t P2P As Much

Dirk van der Woude, my unofficial correspondent from Netherlands, just emailed me an interesting link from Planet.NL’s news service. Peter Olsthoorn, editor of the news service went to the Amsterdam Internet Exchange (by some counts the world’s largest IX, last month they broke the 100 Gb/s barrier). Olsthoorn wanted to know from the 350 odd ISP-members of AIX what kind of web activity was responsible for what percentage of their traffic, and found interesting data.

  • Web & mail: 48 %
  • Usenet: 19 %
  • Streaming audio & video: 14 %
  • P2P: 13 %
  • VoIP 3 %
  • Gaming: 4 %

The most notable piece of data is that P2P accounted for only 13% of all traffic. It might seem that this information is in conflict with Cachelogic’s data which says that over 67% of webinternet traffic is peer-to-peer.

However, the 13% P2P usage actually syncs up with the traffic patterns as tracked by Cachelogic. Cachelogic data shows that the peer-to-peer traffic is very high in the US, China, Japan, South Korea, Germany and United Kingdom, but is pretty nominal in other countries.