Broadcast Mobile TV In Japan

Mobile TVThere’s a lot of interesting points in this article, once you get past the “gee-whiz mobile TV” bit at the beginning…
“So-called interactive TV is already in service for standard broadcasts, but industry officials say only a small number of viewers have connected their TV sets to the network…On the other hand, the physical and psychological hurdles to connecting with the Net are very low for handset users, they said, thus, they are more likely to react.”
It’s not so much a “if we build it they will come” attitude, but a “they already have come, let’s see if we can sell them a hot-dog and an over-sized Coke”.
The article goes on to say that the mobile TV industry is trying to work out how to lure viewers of mobile TV broadcasting to the “wealth of digital content” already available for the mobile network…for example DoCoMo is hoping mobile TV will lure it’s older customers to its i-mode network.
This is in direct contrast to other places where the idea is to charge people to watch TV on their mobiles. While it’s a good way to get people to use the service, it means the companies cannot predict whether mobile TV will generate enough additional revenue to cover the cost of building handsets with TV tuners…
“The carriers would not give specific figures, but they said adding TV tuners will increase cell phone costs significantly and that the bulk of it would likely be borne by the companies instead of the customer…Since they won’t make money if people just watch TV, the key to success will be getting viewers to make purchases.”
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