Apple, Google Had Good 2005

Apple, I am betting is going to have a good if not great 2006. The reason I say that is because the company did rather well in 2005. While most of the world focused on the booming sales of iPod, Apple’s core business of selling computers also had a record year. Market Share website shows some really revealing data on Apple’s improved fortunes in 2005.

From January 2005 to December 2005, the web users using Mac OS-X increased from 3.41% to 4.35%. (Windows XP kept taking market share away from older Windows versions – 2000, 98, and ME). In the browser category, Safari users went from 1.66% to 3.07%, nearly doubling their user base. These two metrics when taken together show that Apple’s user base might be on an upswing. In the browser arena, Firefox started 2005 with 5.59% and ended the year with 9.57%; taking market share away from IE, which showed a downward trend.

Other highlights of 2005:

1. Google’s share of the search market increased from 39.68% to 48.09%.
2. Yahoo’s Mojo may not be translating into search market share. Yahoo websites total went down from 17.28% in January 2005 to 13.02%.
3. MSN had similar issues as well.

How they collect data: … from the browsers of site visitors to our exclusive on demand network of small to medium enterprise live stats customers. The sample size for these sites is more than 40,000 urls and growing….