Geeks will inherit Google

I know you are all sitting at home trying to figure out what to do, now that the holidays are over and money is spent? How about spending some time on Google, and googling some of the popular names. What you will see if Google is reflection of the times we live in, as per John Battelle’s fine book, The Search, then the geeks are taking over.

Type Paul, and the #3 Paul after a university and Beatles super star, Paul McCartney is none other than Paul Graham. Type Robert, and Scoble shows up at #3. Type Matt, and you get PhotoMatt. Niall will get you Niall Kennedy at #2 spot.

Rodrigo will get you Rodrigo A. Sepúlveda Schulz at #3, right behind a very famous spanish composer. If you do a search for Kevin, well…. the whole page has some serious geek power going for it. Non western names like mine: well I am #3 OM in the world, behind a yoga institution and Om Records of San Francisco. So lets try and extend this meme and see if “geeks will really inherit Google.”