Earthlink blogs at Earthling

Earthlink, the internet service provider has started a corporate blog, mostly talking about issues such as network neutrality and how consumers can protect themselves online. I am surprised why the blog hasn’t been publicized, as yet. The main corporate blog for Earthlink is imaginatively called Earthling, and is being penned by Dave Coustan, EarthLink’s newly hired full-time blogger.

The other blog Earthlink was publishing is called, The Protection Blog, apparently is being rolled into this blog. In case you don’t remember Dave, he was also a writer for How Stuff Works. Unfortunately, he is not going to be writing there any more.

I had a chance to chat with Dave, and he said that the audience of Earthling is consumers, from dial up to broadband consumers. “I want to write in a voice that consumers can understand. I am going to be the human interface between the company and the consumers.,” he says. Good luck! I am all for making broadband easier to understand for the mass market.

You’ll find two kinds of entries here — some about what goes on at EarthLink, and some about things that interest me on the web……We also considered creating not one but several blogs, organized by subject matter. But my feeling is that at least for right now, EarthLink really needs one blog — one unified presence — that’s free to talk about lots of different things. We might splinter off different subject areas into their own blogs later, or add some completely new and different blogs.