Your Cell Phone Records For Sale

If you watch Law & Order or The Wire as much as I do, you know that your cell phone records, your locations etc is all stored in a giant database at a phone company. What you also know that cops and legal officials can call up that information, but what you don’t know is that now this information is available for sale on the web for a couple of hundred dollars, thanks to sites like The ease with which this information is available, has sent FBI and others in a tizzy.

Chicago Sun-Times reports that FBI is worried that agents can be compromised, just like their snitches. The potential for wide-scale abuse is not only imaginable, but quite possible. Chicago Sun-Times doesn’t really talk about how the information ends up with sites like Why aren’t the cell phone companies doing something to make sure that this information doesn’t leak out? I mean shutting down the supply is the best way to prevent this from happening. Anyone have more knowledge about this, please post a comment!