SlingPlayer Demo at Macworld

Slingmedia, a pioneer in the place shifting, and maker of Slingbox, has not had much impact on the mac community. Blake Krikorian, the co-founder of the company has been promising Mac support for a long time, and made some comments to that effect in a recent New York Times story. Promises promises…. right? Well the company is planning to show-off a demo of the Mac version of SlingPlayer, the piece of software you need to watch video on your laptop-away-from-home. The demo for media folks is going to happen at one of the Starbucks near the Moscone Center in San Francisco, where Macworld is being held. I for one, plan to get a good look at this… and finally get on the place shifting bandwagon.

Sling issued a press release this morning and according to the press release: “Sling Media will deliver SlingPlayer Mac in the second quarter of 2006. The software client will be available as a download from Sling Media‚Äôs web site and SlingPlayer Mac will also be compatible with all existing Slingboxes.”

SlingPlayer Macintosh Demonstration
Where: Starbucks, 120 4th Street (Mission and Howard across from the Metreon)
When: January 10th, 12 p.m. to 5 p.m.