Live MacWorld San Francisco 2006 Keynote Coverage Right Here

Dan Lurie is in there. If all goes well, we’ll be relaying updates from him in real-time. Stay tuned to this post. The Keynote starts at 9am Pacific Time. Please forgive the dust as i set things up 🙂

For Text Coverage, jump to here. Note that there’s a good chance that our blog system will get overloaded, and textual updates might get scarce. You might fall back on Audio Coverage and/or Live Chat.

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Text Coverage

All times are in Pacific Time.

  1. 8:53am: Dan Lurie is on the floor, Feel Good, Inc. is playing.
  2. Two cinema displays on stage
    . And steves smart water. Music has stopped. Started again. Apple ushers all over the place, light blue shirts.
  3. 9:00am: Steve says: Good Morning. oops no. it’s not Steve. Ppl instructed to move to the center so there is room.
  4. 9:07: lights going down. Jobs shows-up.
  5. Retail update: 135 stores. Last quarter, 26 million visitors. First Billion dollar quarter. 5.7 bill in sales last quarter for Music. 14 million ipods last quarter. 100 every minute. 42 million total. 32 million sold in 05. 850 million songs on itunes. 3 million songs sold per day. 83% market share.
  6. 8 million videos sold on iTunes. Best of SNL is now on iTunes. The new ones are not.
  7. New iPod remote and FM tuner. Awesome iPod screens. $49. On sale now. 40% of cars offer ipod integration. new ipod ad. Featuring winton marsalis, jazz guy.
  8. Aperture promo is running
  9. 1500 Dashboard widgets online. New Apple widgets. Google Widget. New Address Book widget. Snow Conditions Widget. New Calendar Widget. White Pages. ESPN Widget.
  10. Mac OS X 10.4.4 Announced! Available … dot dot dot … TODAY comes with all those widgets.
  11. iLife ’06 comes with Blogging
  12. iPhoto is faster. 250000 photo limit. iTunes-like grey interface. Full screen editing. Compare 8 photos in full screen. One click effects. 8 effects. Back and white, sepia, etc. New cards and calendars. Higher quality. Photocasting == Podcasting for photos. Flickr competitor. Auto Sync. Subscriptions. Part of .Mac. Must .Mac member to publish. Uses RSS for subs. iPhoto Demo. Dan says the features are pretty nifty!
  13. 9:40am Demos over.
  14. iMovie: Animated themes for movies. Real time effects. You can now have more than one project opened at once (YAY!). One-click dump to iPod: VideoCasting Feature!. err “vodcasting”. Themes are like the iDVD titles. Integrated with normal video. “very very cool”.
  15. 9:45am: Demos over
  16. iDVD: Widescreen menus. Also looks like iTunes. Magic iDVD. Drag and Drop. New Themes. Support for 3rd party DVD burners.
  17. GarageBand. Podcast studio. Podcast art track: Royalty-free sound effects! COOL!. Cool audio features. Uses iChat for remote interviews!! COOL!
  18. Steve is doing a live podcast! called: “Super Secret Apple Rumors”. Steve is making fun of the rumor sites. “10-pound iPod!”. Very good recording quality from built-in microphone. Auto-ducking feature lowers music when you talk.
  19. 9:50am Demos done.
  20. Introducing … iWeb: build a website over the Internet: Easy to use. Builds beautiful sites! Apple-designed templates. You can modify them. Blogs. Podcasts. Integrated with all your Media. Publishes to .Mac. Ajax Photo Gallery.
  21. Demo time.
  22. iWeb integrates with Photocasts. iWeb’s authoring interface feels very much like Pages and Keynote
  23. Dan and I agree that this all sounds pretty frickin’ cool. Yet we can’t help but have the sneaking suspicion the best is yet to come.
  24. 10:05am. Demos done
  25. iLife is still $79. And it is available … dot dot dot … TODAY. 🙂 Family Pack License for $99. Bundled for FREE on New Macs.
  26. .Mac has 1 million subscribers.
  27. 10:07am: iWork: 3d charts. Image editing. Image reflections. Tables with calcs … spreadsheet-ish. Available today for $79. 30 day free trial of iWorks ’06 with new Macs. [what about those of us who already own it? upgrade license?]
  29. Intel CEO is on stage in A BUNNY SUIT!
  30. “Intel’s Ready”. Apple’s ready too. Hard work … nights and weekends ….
  31. Something big is coming
  32. INTEL iMac!!! Same form factor! First Mac with intel processor today. built-in iSight. Front Row. Same features and same prices as non-Intel iMacs
  33. So … What’s the difference … [dramatic pause]?
  34. TWO TO THREE TIMES FASTER than predecessor, dual cores “Intel Core Duo”. Speed scores blow the G5 out of the water. [oh snap]. 3.2 times faster.
  35. 10.4.4 is Native x86, all apps it ships with are native, all universal binaries, including new products, on the disk, in the Box.
  36. All Pro apps with be universal binaries by August. Trade-in PowerPC disks for intel disks for $49
  37. Quark XPress is universal binary.
  38. All iMacs ship with Rosetta (transparent emulation for non-universal binaries) Office runs great on Rosetta.
  39. Roz Ho on stage. From the Microsoft Mac Business Unit. They’ve worked hard to make sure Office works well on Rosetta. They’re on track for Universal Binary migration. New M$ products for at least 5 years, per official agreement.
  40. Photoshop is crazy fast on the new Macs, even with Rosetta
  41. Safari is incredibly fast.
  42. The new iMacs are shipping …. dot dot dot … TODAY!.
  43. All Macs will be Intel by 2007
  44. New mac ad showing: like the old ones … but snarky.
  48. MacBook Pro. New Name!
  49. Intel core DUO! 4 to 5 times faster than the PPC powerbook.
  50. Aluminum-looking. Different sleep light. One Inch thin!! Thinnest ever! 15.4″ screen, as bright as the cinema display! iSight built-in!
  51. DEMO!
  52. Irda port. Apple Remote. Front Row. Magsafe: Safety power cord … a magnet. No more accidents.
  53. 5.6 lbs.
  54. Two models: low-end and high-end.
  55. Shipping in February. Order today

Audio Coverage

NO MORE AUDIO CONFERENCE, my computer was getting creamed under the calls, heh. i did say it was low-tech ;].

There’s a very very very slim chance I might get some audio from the Stevenote to leak through to us, on top of text updates.

Around 8:55am Pacific Time, if you’re a SIP user, you might try placing a call to sip:[email protected] . I’ll have a low-tech VoIP conference call set-up through SJPhone and my EarthLink SIP account. Set-up your own SIP account with SJPhone here.

If you’re a Gizmo Project user, you’re also SIP-compatible, just plug sip:[email protected] in the address bar, and you’re good to go.

Live Chat

We just setup an AOL Instant Messenger Chatroom called tabmwsf2006. In iChat, go to the File menu, pick “Go to Chat …”, and enter tabmwsf2006 .