Its an IPod World… Believe It!

Maybe its just me, but the Apple hardware news – the big switch to Intel chips – has left me a tad wanting for something with a bit more oomph. The bit which totally rocked, and was the real news in the keynote was the ongoing sales strength of iPod, iTunes and now the iVideo sales.

I’m really pleased to announce that last quarter we sold 14 million iPods .. that is over a hundred every minute, 24/7 throughout the quarter. And it still wasn’t enough. We’ve now sold over 42 million iPods — as you can see the curve is going up again …. have sold on iTunes over 850 million songs … a billion in the next weeks …. market share continues to be very strong – 83 percent. Since we launched on October 12th we have sold over 8 million videos. For the first time last week we added some sports. For the first time with ABC and ESPN we put up some Bowl games.”

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Carlo Longino: I find the lack of support for mobile data disappointing. It would have been great to see an option for built-in EV-DO, UMTS/HSDPA or even EDGE modems.