Skype, The Bandwidth Hog

Paul Kedrosky just experienced the worst of Skype. His computer became like a super-super node and basically overwhelmed his 100 megabit per second connection to the Internet. It has been a deep dark secret in the Skype world that how super fast hosts in the West are being used as supernodes for the benefit of others who are geeky enough to prevent this from happening.

As more and more Skype-enabled phones go online, how bad of a problem this “pipe hijack” will become? Aswath and Andy were talking about this only a week ago. Computerworld has some thoughts on this.

Skype’s recent versions have already been derided for being CPU hogs, not just for Mac owners, but for Windows PC users who complained that their machines were running hot, and Skype was consuming a lot of cycles. Its been a known fact to readers here of the various issues that go along with Skype.