What Is 30Boxes?

In case you were wondering why I did not go to the Steve Jobs Show yesterday, let me tell you the reason: I was meeting with 83 Degrees co-founders Julie Davidson, Nick Wilder and Narendra Rocherolle, the Webshots trio, that are working on an online calendar called 30 Boxes. 30 days 30 boxes. Scoble had mentioned the company on his blog earlier, following a dinner all of us had in my favorite curry joint in San Francisco. Was it worth staying back? Absolutely! They showed me their early early alpha, and it is safe to say 30 Boxes will be to calendars what GMail was to Email.

Narendra RocherolleThe trio were tight lipped about their plans, but beta will come soon sometime. They are mum, because the threat of a Google calendar has everyone worried. Clearly, calendar space is getting hot. Silicon Beat had reported that another online calendar company, Trumba, had raised $8 million in funding, joining the ranks of Zimbra and AirSet. I like what all these guys are doing: trying to make the magic happen in a category that till recently seen little innovation. I loved Nick’s comment: “You don’t need millions to build a great web application.” If what I saw was any indication, then well, he is spot on.