8086 and Apple, the Stock Story

With little or no news that is impressive enough to merit a big piece, some interesting tid-bits about Apple, and its stock, that is in gravity defying mode. Rob Hof of Business Week, who doesn’t blog enough, though he should, points me to this story over on News.com, that points out that Apple stock closed at $80.86 yesterday.

…the accidental reference to Intel’s 8086, the 1978 processor that spawned the x86 architecture that PC users are so familiar with.

Over on WSJ’s Morning Brief, Joseph Schuman points out that with the stock being what it is, Steve Jobs is going to be worth about $808.6 million in just Apple stock. Three years ago he exchanged seemingly worthless options for 10 million shares of restricted stock. There is that 8086 number again!

Chuck Jones, manager of $16 billion for Atlantic Trust Stein Roe is happy to fork over “another $808.6 million to have him create another $65 billion in market cap.” Ah nothing like fair weather friends. Like Google, Apple is one punch away from getting pounded in the stock market. Not enough iPod sales, “sell-off.”

PS: Does anyone else find it funny that CEO of Intel, one of the largest tech companies in the world, is willing to show-up on stage in a bunny suit? I bet you Andy Grove won’t do that! And what does it really say about Intel and its relevance in the tech ecosystem!