Freeware of the Moment- New version of GeckoTIP for Tablet PCs

Program author Ian Weiner has informed me a new version of GeckoTIP is now available and the new functionality makes it a Freeware of the Moment. GeckoTIP is the utility that enables the Tablet PC Text Input Panel (TIP) in Firefox so Tablet PC users can use it in that browser just as they can in Internet Explorer. Ian has pushed the envelope with version 0.9.1 of GeckoTIP as he has added a number of enhancements that are nice. In addition to firing up the TIP in Firefox the program will now interface with most third party input panels such as Shapewriter (SHARK), MessageEase and AlphaTap. If you use one of these input panels GeckoTIP will now pop the panel up and position it for you when you click a text field and close it when you’re done. Left-handed users can now rejoice as GeckoTIP now provides a left-handed scrollbar option which is not complete but works OK. Ian has really expanded the functionality of GeckoTIP with this release and adds expanded “field scope” utility where you can set the type of input data for a given field so the TIP will handle odd fields such as email addresses. Totally free as always so grab it and ink away!