Skype Revenues – $318,000 a day

EBay just reported its earnings, and while rest of the data doesn’t intrigue me as much, the Skype data is pretty telling. In the 78 days eBay has owned Skype, the company did sales of $24.8 million. No mention of profits in the press release, but they do point out that nearly 87% of the total sales are from outside of the US. At $24.8 million over seventy eight days, it works out to about $116 million, a shade ahead of $100 million annual run-rate they hoped for when the SkyeBay deal was announced.

Looks pretty good, unless you start slicing and dicing it differently. That’s about $318,000 a day in sales for Skype. Being snarky for a minute, at that rate, the sales-to-deal-price ($2.6 billion) parity will take about 8176 days. Roughly 22 years! (Of course they will grow their sales, I am just having some fun here 😉 )