MaxCorp Not To Buy Wireless Ink

At the end of last month it was announced that MaxCorp was to buy Wireless Ink, but the deal has been called off. David Harper, Wireless Ink’s Chief Technology Officer and Founder, wrote this in the comments section of my post:

Hi James. Just stumbled upon this post. Ultimately this deal was killed. Just to set the record straight though when I said, “selling of personalized information & premium services” my intent was to communicate that we would provide personalized (meaning custom) – information & premium services to our members for a fee. NOT sell the personal information of our members. That would destroy the community we have built and break the trust of the publishers and visitors we cherish, enable and will always protect.

On re-reading my post I realised I should have been more clear too. Selling personal information without very express and explicit permission is pretty far on the wrong side of the “thin privacy line”. I think I was saying that selling personalized information services can cross the line, depending on how it’s done. It’s possible I interpreted it as the selling of personal information, but whichever it was David has cleared up any ambiguity.