Captain Jacobs, Qualcomm Enterprise

Growing up in New Delhi, the only reason I would ever get up early on Sunday morning was to watch the weekly broadcast of Star Trek. Blissfully unaware of the Trekkies, I thought Star Trek was cool, and particularly enjoyed the logic of Mr. Spock. Well, he reminded me of my mathematics teacher, but that’s another story for another day.

Still, it is nice to know that I wasn’t the only kid fascinated by space, aliens and Amazon beauties in short skirts. Qualcomm CEO Paul Jacobs was a trekkie as well, according to San Diego Reader’s Matthew Alice. One of his readers emailed him this question:

As I was flipping through A Star Trek Catalog: The Complete Guide to the Fantastic World of Star Trek I noticed a listing of Star Trek fan clubs around the country. One of them was called “Star Fleet Club La Jolla” with a Paul Jacobs [with a La Jolla street address] as the point of contact. Is this the same Paul Jacobs that now runs our favorite local telecom company, Qualcomm?

Alice, headed over to the public library, did some research and came up with these answers:

Zap to the always-so-helpful public library, drag out the old (really old) San Diego phone books, find Jacobs, Irwin M., assuming Paulie didn’t have his own phone. And there it is– the same street address listed in the catalog.

So perhaps next time I meet one of the most powerful men in wireless world, I am sure going to swap a couple of Star Trek stories, and then ask him politely…. is Star Trek the reason why most CDMA phones flip open?

(via Beamed to me via…. CDMA by Paul Kedrosky)