Eric Mack Paperless Challenge Podcast, Part One

Eric Mack promised he would be podcasting the results of his recent paperless challenge, a challenge that had him survive an 8 week law course without using paper. I have been anxiously awaiting his podcast since I have been paperless for about six months now and I have been curious to hear Eric’s thoughts on the subject. The podcast is out now and to my delight he has a guest, Tracy Hooten of The Student Tablet PC blog, who has been going paperless herself at school. The first part is available now and it is excellent. Both Eric and Tracy are to be congratulated for this chronicle of a difficult task and I can’t wait for the next part.

I have successfully become paperless in my work but I am the first to admit it was much easier for me to do since I am not in an academic setting as both Eric and Tracy were for their challenge. Capturing textbooks is not a trivial pursuit and it is an inspiration to hear both of them tell how they accomplished that feat. Well done to both of you.